Four-Step Wellness Programme

The MRT is a four-step programme that encourages the body’s natural healing processes by addressing the cause of illness at a cellular level, as opposed to the common medical approach of treating and suppressing symptoms at the organ level.

Step 1Balanced Nutrition

Our bodies need the essential nutrients daily for growth, development, performance and optimum health. The 1st step aims to protect and correct modern day nutrition imbalance with nutritional supplements.

Step 2Increased Oxygen Intake

Being deprived of quality oxygen can interrupt our metabolic process and cell renewal, leaving us susceptible to health conditions. The 2nd step aims to boost oxygen intake via exercise and supplements for a lower risk of bacterial infection, enhanced metabolism and increased vitality.

Step 3Detoxification

Daily detoxification can prevent undigested food and unabsorbed food from permeating our intestinal walls as ‘toxic waste’ and re-entering our blood stream, which increases the risk of chronic illnesses. The 3rd step aims to naturally and effectively detoxify our bodies to reduce the burden on our organ systems, remove toxins and prevent constipation.

Step 4Health Regulation

The MRT has evolved to cope with the onset of modern diseases in a world where various demands are placed on our bodies due to climate change, pollution, working conditions and lack of exercise. The 4th step targets deficiencies within the organ systems and offers complementary supplements to aid in the healing process of the affected area.