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Kington Minérale

Improve Physical Performance and Central Nervous System  

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Kington Minérale

If you're constantly stressed and tired, it could be a result of insufficient minerals in your body. Because our bodies cannot produce minerals, we have to consume bioavailable minerals in our diet. However, food today contains very few minerals and nutrients. That's why we recommend Kington Minérale.

Why Kington Minérale?

Contains high concentration of complete, balanced minerals with high trace mineral content.

Harvested from exclusive plankton bloom vortex.



years of proven efficacy



bioavailable elements

Overcome your fatigue and tiredness with Kington Minérale


Provides our body with high concentration of complete, balanced minerals

Boosts muscle recovery post-exercise

Remineralizes our body with trace minerals during indoor and outdoor sports activities

Enhances physical performance

Direction for Use

Drink 1-2 vial(s) daily on an empty stomach,
30 minutes before meal.
Halal Certification

Improve physical performance and central nervous system.

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