Guasa Board

Start Alternative Therapy with Elken Guasa

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Guasa Board

Guasa is a traditional Chinese form of exercise that has been practiced for a few thousands of years. The stimulating effects of guasa therapy can help to pinpoint your health ailments. With the right technique, it can do much more for your health and appearance.

Alternatice Therapy with Elken Guasa

A revolutionary combination of manipulation (Guasa) and moxibustion

The act of scraping does not injure skin or conduct heat or electricity

Comes with elegant design, lightweight and portable

Easy to learn and can be performed anywhere, anytime

Revolutionary Combination of Manipulation (Guasa) and Moxibustion


Direction for Use

Apply a few drops of Arosa Oil on the affected part of the body and use Guasa Board to evenly spread the oil and scrape the skin surface.

For Best Results

Use the Guasa Board and Arosa Oil by Elken.

Start alternative therapy with Elken Guasa now.

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