Keeping Your Health in Check

How to Give Your Immune System a Boost!

The current pandemic leaves us feeling apprehensive when we feel the urge to cough or sneeze. That is why routine healthcare is critically important for people of all ages. After all, prevention is better than cure! Vaccines have yet to be developed so the best we can do to protect ourselves from contracting this contagious virus and give our immune system a boost is by:

Yet, no matter how careful we are and how clean we try to be, even the healthiest of people can fall sick every now and then. That’s why health experts have emphasized the importance of having a strong immune system.

Getting enough rest, exercising regularly, and eating a healthy diet are some of the ways to give your immune system a boost against bacterial and viral infections.

If you are looking for a quick charge of immune boost, our range of health supplements below can do you a favor.

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Elken Spirulina

• Enhances body resistance against viral infection
• Powerful antioxidant to deactivate free radicals


• Resists bacteria & viruses
• Boosts body’s immune system

Ester-C 500 Plus

• 2 times higher absorption & provide 24-hour retention in body
• Provides 24-hour protective immunity


• Patented ingredient Mycelium Immuno-Modulator Extract (MIME) which has high potency of polysaccharide
• Help to reduce infection and hasten recovery

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