Preparing Your Child For School Reopening

Preparing Your Child For School Reopening

Back To School Concerns

For any parent, sending their child off to school is always a stressful experience. There is the anxiety of your child’s safety and well-being, as well as how they would adapt to a new environment. Then also comes the worry and occasional guilt of not being there for them, especially in this testing time of their young lives.

When schools, kindergarten and nursery homes reopen, parents have even more reasons for concern with the Covid-19 pandemic still ongoing. The school environment can easily be a hotbed for virus transmission, with large numbers of non-fully vaccinated children grouped together in a closed space for long periods of time.

How Safe Are Our Kids?

How Safe Are Our Kids?

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, it appeared the disease did not infect too many children. Hence, some misconceptions began to arise that children were more ‘immune’. However this has now been proven wrong, as evidenced by several cases of outbreaks in schools over the past year.

According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report, children and teenagers aged 10 – 19 years old are found capable of spreading the virus at the same rate as adults. Similar to other countries, the number of Covid-19 cases among Malaysian children and teenagers has shown a great surge compared to at the beginning of the outbreak.

Despite the potential risk of infection from Covid-19 and other illnesses, there are steps you can take to keep your little ones safe in order to resume normal daily life after pandemic. External measures such as keeping their mask on and a safe distance from others at all times definitely help, but do not neglect the more important aspect – building up their immunity from inside.

Strong Inside,
Safe Outside

Every day, we breathe in anywhere between 100,000 to 1 million invisible microorganisms. Some of these invaders can be harmful, but thankfully our body’s immune system is a highly efficient safeguard against a multitude of potential threats. A little boost for your child’s immunity goes a long way in keeping them healthy as much as possible!

Did you know that
Probiotics are NOT only
for a healthy gut?

Probiotics are living microorganisms that bring about health benefits to the body. Though commonly associated with healthy digestion, studies have now shown that probiotics are also effective in treating respiratory infections, and reducing new respiratory infection in children.

However, not all probiotics are created equal. Some strains are able to be absorbed better by the body without compromising on their efficacy, such as Bifidobacterium Lactis Bl-04®.

The perfect pairing for respiratory health

Bifidobacterium Lactis Bl-04®

One of the potent probiotic strains for promoting respiratory health which has a good safety and tolerability profile. It is able to resist harsh conditions of the stomach and arrive safely at the gut for strong binding action.

Yeast Beta-Glucan

An effective prebiotic which has the added benefit of also boosting the immune system. Additionally, studies have shown that yeast beta-glucan supplementation is able to decrease common cold symptoms and reduce the time span of infection among healthy individuals.

Among the many choices of immune boosting supplements found in the market, there is one cutting edge respiratory health formulation with the ideal integration of 2 clinically proven ingredients– Bl-04®, BIFIDOBACTERIUM LACTIS and yeasts beta-glucan for Tri-defence action to PREtech you from the inside out:


from infection


risk and symptoms


recovery with pathogen elimination
Lactis Bl-04®

Lactis Bl-04®

Yeast Beta
Glucan (1,3)-(1,6)

Yeast Beta
Glucan (1,3)-(1,6)

Recognised by Primary Care Physicians as “Doctor preferred Probiotic for respiratory health”
Recognised by certain immune receptors in the gut to “Trigger immune modulating functions”
Patented stability technology with strain verification to ensure highest level of purity, potency and stability
Proprietary Isolation Technology from Germany ensures that the unique structure of molecules is fully preserved for high purity and potency
Shelf-stable, no refrigeration required
Shelf-stable, no refrigeration required

Yummy Warrio:
Your Child’s Constant Guardian

As your child prepares to go back to school, don’t take chances with their health. A recommended probiotics supplement is Yummy Warrio, formulated in a fun chewable form that kids will love and look forward to. This little wonder comes packed with the premium and patented probiotics strain Bifidobacterium Lactis Bl-04® and natural yeast beta glucan imported from Germany, working together to power up your little one’s immune system, hence reducing risk of common sicknesses such as cough and flu, as well as suppressing cross infection.

Think of it as a safety net for them – a symbol of love that shows even if you can’t be there with them physically, you’re still watching out for them and giving the very best through their growing years.



To Prepare For A Safe
‘Back To School’ Routine

As your kids head back to school, get them to continually practise these good habits for a safer learning environment:


To Prepare For A Safe ‘Back To School’ Routine

Wash hands

Teach them that it’s not enough to just wash their hands with soap and water, but rinse thoroughly for about 20 seconds. A fun guide for children is to hum or sing ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ as they wash.

Mask up

Choose 3-ply masks that offer greater protection. Even if fabric masks are used, it is advisable to still put on a 3-ply mask inside. It’s also good to pack one or two extra masks in their bag, in case the one they’re wearing breaks or falls.

Safe distancing

Unfortunately, the present pandemic situation means that playing and interacting with friends will have to be readjusted for now. Educate your child on the importance of physical distancing, and explore safe ways to build social skills.

Eat well

Prepare healthy and nutritious meals for your kid, right at home and even to bring to school. A balanced serving of vegetables and fruits does wonders for boosting immunity, keeping their body in tip-top condition to ward off viruses. Additionally, let them take supplements such as vitamin C and probiotics to boost immunity.

Set a routine

After an extended period of being stuck at home, your children might have difficulty readjusting to the routine of school life. Help them smoothly transition by practising a normal schooling schedule a week before – waking up, eating and going to bed at the right hours.

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