Sip, Rinse, Repeat – Caring for Your Reusable Drinkware

Reusable water bottles are environmentally friendly, save you money, and keep you hydrated. What’s not to love about it? But if you haven’t been cleaning it regularly, then you’re only allowing bacteria to grow all over your bottle. Like any kitchenware and cookware that you use, you should clean your reusable drinkware regularly.


How to Use a Hand Sanitiser – A Dollop or Two?

There is a reason why your friends are carrying around a hand sanitiser in their handbags. Surfaces like door handles, shopping carts, phones, taps, and remote controls are some of the commonly touched areas that harbour billions of potentially harmful microbes. And it can be amplified during cold and flu season and viral outbreaks, making clean hands even more essential.


Your Health is in Your Hands

According to the Health Protection Agency, there are typically between 2 and 10,000,000 bacteria on each of our hands. And that’s not including viruses, micro-organisms, fungi and other pathogens!


Show Me the Science – How to Wash and Dry Your Hands

As the cases of coronavirus continue to climb within the country, people are on high alert looking for ways to protect themselves and avoid germs. One reliable method is, of course, washing your hands. In fact, washing your hands regularly with soap and water can lower your risk of contracting diarrheal diseases by 50% (any source?)!


Mommies, Give Your Child a Strong Start with Spirulina!

In the past, when children were sick, it usually involved infectious diseases like colds, coughs and other bacterial and virus infections. But today, chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, hypertension and developmental disabilities like attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism are commonly found in children. It is no wonder then, that by the time they reach adulthood, 7 out of 10 Malaysian adults will suffer from chronic diseases.


Colostrum is Nature’s Best Immunity Food

Colostrum is the first ‘milk’ that milk-producing mammals create after giving birth. Pure and natural, it is Mother Nature’s answer to jumpstarting a baby’s immune system. It can also promote growth and development in children, maintain good health, and speed up the healing and repair processes in the weak and elderly.


The Presence of Antibodies and a Strong Immunity

New germs and viruses keep popping up every so often and the threat of diseases never seem to end. But wait! How do some people stay healthy and sickness-free while others topple over at the slightest sniffle? The presence of antibodies could be an solution to the answer in our immune system.